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Nexdata Multi-sensor Fusion Data Collection
Multi-sensor Fusion Data Collection

Datatang is equipped with vehicles with various sensors and support 3D point cloud data collection requirements of multiple devices, different time periods, and different weather and time sync and spatial calibration.

Surveying and Mapping Qualification

With Surveying and Mapping Qualification and professional project management team, Datatang ensures legal and compliant data collection.

Surveying and Mapping Qualification
3D Point Cloud Data Annotation

Datatang provides data labeling services in various sensor data formats and annotation types to power your AD models.

3D Point Cloud Object Detection
3D Point Cloud Object Tracking
3D Points Cloud Segmentation
3D Point Cloud Object Detection
3D Point Cloud Object Tracking
3D Points Cloud Segmentation
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Data Annotation Tools

Our platform is embeded with 30 annotation template and supports automatic object resizing, grounding, detection, rotation, casting and etc.

Automate Object Resizing

Using pre-defined parameters, quickly generate missing object coordinates.

Automatic Grounding

Fast alignment of detected 3D object with identified ground, increasing annotation efficiency.

Automatic Flooring

Automatically aligns the 3D object with the ground, increasing annotation efficiency.

Automatic Object Detection

Automatic Detect Object in a Sequence, annotator only needs to label a few frames, increased productivity

Automatic Object Rotation

L-shape-filting algorithm implemented to auto rotate object and approximate object size

Automatic Casting

All annotation operations in different views are synchronized, and all operations are rendered in real time.

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3D Point Cloud Data Annotation Delivery Capability

With powerful platform and tools and 20,000+ annotators, Datatang provides customers with high-quality and cost effective ground truth data.

Project Name Weekly Delivery Capacity (Frames)
Point Cloud Segmentation 50000+
Point Cloud Object Detection 100000+
Point Cloud Tracking 100000+
2D/3D Fusion Annotation 50000+
3D Point Cloud Data Quality and Security Management
  • Compliance

    All the data are consent
    with proper authorization

  • Stable Team

    Experienced annotation team
    Quality data output

  • Quality Inspection

    Multi-level quality inspections

  • Efficiency

    Support human-machine interaction labeling, save time and costs

  • ISO9001 Certification

    Obtained the ISO9001 quality management certification

  • Security

    Certified in ISO27701 and 27001
    for privacy and security

Datatang also provides off-the-shelf datasets for rapid AI model optimization.
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