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Why choose datatang?

Datatang's rich international resource pool, spanning over 50 countries, supports all projects efficiently.
Datatang.ai's data quality is verified by ISO9001 & top AI enterprises via multiple internal quality inspections.

Tailored Service for Gaming and Entertainment

Datatang collects and annotates diverse voice, image, and video data for intelligent Entertainment scenarios, with expertise in various data requirements.

Voice Assistance

Supports multi-language and multi-device collection of voice data and labeling of text, noise.

Hand Gesture Interaction

Supports the collection of both static and dynamic gesture data, with annotation of hand landmarks.

Digital Human

Support for customizing speaker by tone, style and language, with exclusive high-fidelity.

Facial Expression Recognition

Supports multi-race, multi-angle and multi-scene collection of face images and annotation of bounding.

Human Behavior Recognition

Supports multi-scene and multi-angle human behavior image and video collection.

Supports comprehensive annotation needs for speech, image, video, point cloud, and text data.

Success Stories

The customer wants to further improve the face beautification, makeup synthesis technology and effect in the social products. Datatang provides pixel-level segmentation labeling for the data provided by our customer. If there’s any occlusion, it is necessary to estimate most likely position for annotating occluded portion, and annotate the target according.

Automatic Face Beautification

The client wants to promote the technology and effect of virtual human modeling. The virtual human is set as an adult male. The customer needs to collect facial expressions, body movements and corresponding audio data in a clean indoor environment. Datatang adopts facial capture and motion capture equipment and is equipped with hi-fi radio equipment.

Virtual/Digital Human Modeling

Our Competitive Advantage

One-stop Data Service

Datatang.ai provides comprehensive data annotation and collection services to help you succeed with your AI projects.

Data QA System

Datatang delivers high-quality data with intelligent self-inspection, multiple quality checks, and ISO9001 certification.

Rich Annotation tools

30 proven annotation tools for full coverage of voice, image video, 3D point cloud and text data annotation requirements.

Compliance & Security

We follows Personal Information Protection Act, GDPR, ISO27001/ISO27701 for security and regulatory compliance.

AI-assisted pre-recognition

With the help of AI-assisted pre-recognition function, human-computer interaction semi-automatic annotation is realized.

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