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Robust data platform tailored to your diverse data needs

Datang's platform supports diverse types of data annotations, such as 3D point cloud fusion, pixel-level segmentation, speech recognition, speech synthesis, entity relationship, and video segmentation.

3D Point Cloud Annotation

Speech Annotation

2D Image Annotation

Video Annotation

Text Annotation

Accelerate your AI initiatives
with pre-recogntion engine

With bulid-in pre-recognition engine, our platform supports human-machine interaction and semi-automatic labeling, increasing the labeling efficiency by more than 30%.

Built-in pre-recognition to improve work efficiency
Ensure high-quality data
with multi-level quality inspections

Our platform supports multiple tasks distribution workflow, such as by packages and by items, and has built-in multi-level quality inspections management functions to ensure high-quality data output.

Built-in pre-recognition to improve work efficiency
Multi-role, multi-level authority management
strictly adhere to the data security bottom line

Our platform has built-in template watermark, log audit, login verification, API authorization management and other security functions, and supports privatized deployment, that ensures data does't go out and enables the inhouse data processing

Built-in pre-recognition to improve work efficiency
Flexible Deployment Options
Public Cloud Deployment
Private Deployment
Case Studies
NLP labeling case
A large machinery company

Help client build deploy and build a data annotation platform. By the annotated entity and entity relationship data, the NLP entity and relationship extraction capabilities of the client's model are improved. The combination of algorithm, knowledge base and manual annotation helps client build manufacturing knowledge graphs.

A worldwide leader in autonomous driving technology

Support multi-sensor, multi-modal, and continuous frame data labeling for visible light cameras and LiDARs in autonomous driving scenarios. Through the deployment and customized development of our annotation platform, we help our client build efficient AI data production capabilities, and solve the perception problems in autonomous driving, paving the way for the closed loop of decision-making and execution in autonomous driving.

Street view annotation case
Customer service voice annotation case
A global automotive manufacturer

We help the client with customer service speech data annotation and corresponding model training. Through high flexible data transmission methods and intelligent quality inspection, efficient labeling and high-quality data output is achieved, and the client's model has been significantly improved.

Build your AI competitves with powerful data annotation tools. More Features