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Data Quality

Datatang has a comprehensive data quality management system, which is used to supervise and ensure the smooth implementation of the project and the results meet the customer's requirements.

Quality Management System

Quality Management Certification

Datatang has obtained ISO9001 quality management certification and ensures data quality through three rounds of quality assurance. At Datatang, ensuring data quality is our top priority. Our mission is to elevate customers' models with high-quality data.

Quality Management Certification
Quality Management Certification

Multi-level Quality Inspections

Self-inspection Process

Self-inspection is carried out in the form of multi-person mutual inspection. The data processed by each personnel is carried out by personnel other than the data processor, so as to ensure the objectivity of data quality inspection, and the self-inspection ratio reaches 100%.

Final Quality Inspection

The initial inspection is performed by Datatang's project team on the self-inspection qualified data submitted by the project implementation team. The initial inspection adopts the method of random inspection, the ratio of random inspection is at least 50%, and the ratio of initial inspection of data with high requirements is at least 70%.

Final quality control process

Datatang's independent final inspection center conducts final inspection of the data that has passed the initial inspection, which is the most important link before the data is delivered to the customer, and the final check on the quality. The final inspection adopts the method of random inspection, the ratio of random inspection is 30%, and the ratio of random inspection of data with high requirements is at least 50%.

Data Security

Datatang prioritizes data security with a dedicated data protection officer and extensive confidentiality experience in site safety implementation.

Data Security System

Information Security Management System Certification

Datatang has a complete data security management system, such as data security officer system, data business security specification, data security system self-assessment system, data security accident emergency plan, information security confidentiality system, etc. and has obtained ISO27701 and ISO27001 certification.

Information Security Management System Certification
Information Security Management System Certification
Information Security Management System Certification

Personnel Security Management

Pre-employment security measures
Confidentiality measures during service
Post-employment confidentiality

Physical Security Assurance


We enforce security access control with a license-based system and a human recognition system to trace and track all entries and exits.

24-hour monitoring is set up in high-level confidential places.

All hardware devices do not have an external interface, and the network can only log onto the labeling platform.


Personnel have undergone confidentiality training and signed a non disclosure agreement.

All electronic devices (except mobile phones) must be stored in a designated location, and cell phone cameras are sealed.

Personal matters during working hours should be addressed in the designated area outside the venue, and leaving the office area during work is generally not allowed except for lunch breaks.

Physical Security Assurance

Datatang guarantees the security of data from the technical aspects such as resource file URL encryption, anti-theft chain technology, anti-crawl technology, resource file security encryption, interference with illegal copying of voice files, data collection security, business logic security, identity authentication, and access control.

Technical security assurance

Why Datatang

One-stop data service

Rich Off-the-shelf datasets, personalized data customization services, AI assisted data labeling tools, and one-stop solutions to AI data problems.

Data Quality Management System

We ensure High quality data through intelligent self-inspection, multiple rounds of quality inspection, and ISO9001 quality management certification.

Rich Annotation Tools

30 sets of mature annotation tools, fully covering voice, image video, 3D point cloud and text data annotation requirements.

Business Security and Compliance

It has passed ISO27001/ISO27701 information security and privacy protection certification, and complies with the Personal Information Protection Law and GDPR.

AI-assisted pre-recognition

AI-assisted pre-identification enables human-computer interaction for semi-automatic labeling, increasing annotator efficiency by over 30%.

Sharpen Your AI with Better Data