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Why choose datatang?

Datatang owns a vast collection of off-the-shelf customer service datasets, and support various types of data collection and annotation
Datatang ensures data security through self-developed encrypted collection tools and consistent authorization.

Tailored Data Services for Conversational AI Service

Datatang supports tailored customer service speech data collection according to language, timbre, style, and industry, and provides data processing such as information extraction, classification and annotation for the massive raw data.



Support speech data collection in Accented English, code-switching, Chinese dialects and etc.



Support real scene customer service data collection in multiple industries such as finance, insurance, and e-commerce.

Speech Segmentation

Speech Segmentation

Speech segmentation for long audio, noise, valid/invalid audio.

Speech Annotation

Speech Annotation

Support multi-paragraph transcription annotation for long and short natural speech audio.

Emotion Annotation

Emotion Annotation

Support positive or negative emotions information annotation of speaker's voice.

Supports comprehensive annotation needs for speech, image, video, point cloud, and text data.

Case Studies

Speech Recognition for Cantonese Customer Service

The client hopes to enhance the accuracy of the existing intelligent customer service speech recognition technology. Datatang annotated 1000 hours of Cantonese customer service speech data at 95% sentence accuracy rate. In order to solve the consistency of Cantonese characters, Datatang estabilished a unified Cantonese lexicon.

Speech Recognition for Cantonese Customer Service

The client is developing intelligent customer service speech recognition technology from scratch. By sorting out the customer's scenarios, Datatang provides a systematic data solution, including 5000 hours off-the-shelf speech datasets of Mandarin read and natural dialogue, and 1000 hours of annotated speech dataset for specific scenes, which helps the customer launch an intelligent customer service product from scratch to entry into service within a month.

Speech Recognition for Mandarin Customer Service

Speech Recognition for Mandarin Customer Service
Customer Service

The client wants to optimize the knowledge base of the chatbot in APP to improve the service quality. After fully understanding client's business, Datatang expands and optimizes the new knowledge points, and deletes, adds and optimizes the similar problems in the knowledge base. We have completed the compilation of about 230,000 knowledge points and each point has been increased at least 30 similar questions.

Chatbot Knowledge Base Optimization

Why Datatang

One-stop Data Service

Datatang.ai provides comprehensive data annotation and collection services to help you succeed with your AI projects.

Data QA System

Datatang delivers high-quality data with intelligent self-inspection, multiple quality checks, and ISO9001 certification.

Rich Annotation tools

30 proven annotation tools for full coverage of voice, image video, 3D point cloud and text data annotation requirements.

Compliance & Security

We follows Personal Information Protection Act, GDPR, ISO27001/ISO27701 for security and regulatory compliance.

AI-assisted pre-recognition

With the help of AI-assisted pre-recognition function, human-computer interaction semi-automatic annotation is realized.

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