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Why choose Datatang?

Datatang's 10+ years of experience and quality & security control guarantee on-time and high-quality project delivery for clients.
Our implementation team has rich equipment and experience to meet a variety of home scene data collection requirements.

Tailored Data Service for Smart Home

Datatang collects annotated voice and image data for smart home scenarios, enabling precise interaction with smart home devices.

Far-field Speech Recognition

Supports for multi-language and multi-device collection of speech data and labeling of text, noise, and speaker roles.

Gesture Control

Supports the collection of both static and dynamic gesture data, with annotation of hand landmarks, attributes, and types, among others, in a professional tone.

Human Behavior Recognition

Supports multiple devices, multiple scenarios, and multiple angles of human behavior to capture and mark human positions, key points, behaviors, and attributes.

Target Detection

Supports indoor scene image collection and annotations for target classification, segmentation, and state recognition.

Anomaly Monitoring

Supports the capture of abnormal images of the indoor environment and the labelling of abnormalities in a variety of types.

Supports comprehensive annotation needs for speech, image, video, point cloud, and text data.

Success Stories


The customer wants to enrich the voice commands in their newly launched smart speaker to allow users to control their smart home devices with voice. Datatang needs to collect data from 10,000 people, covering eight dialects and meeting the age requirement from 3 to 50 years old. The task is efficiently completed through using the our annotation platform, which has online audio automatic quality inspection function and support data upload functions through API.

Voice Command Recognition for Smart Home

The client wants to improve the scene recognition and detection technology of the sweeping robot, and needs to capture more than 200 home scenarios. With years of experience in project management and implementation, Datatang completed the collection of 600,000 images and integrated 160 labels into 4 groups of large labels(each of large labels contains 5-38 small category labels), after that we annotated the images. The labeling efficiency was greatly improved in that way.

Scene Recognition for Smart Home


Our Competitive Advantage

One-stop Data Service

Datatang.ai provides comprehensive data annotation and collection services to help you succeed with your AI projects.

Data QA System

Datatang delivers high-quality data with intelligent self-inspection, multiple quality checks, and ISO9001 certification.

Rich Annotation tools

30 proven annotation tools for full coverage of voice, image video, 3D point cloud and text data annotation requirements.

Compliance & Security

We follows Personal Information Protection Act, GDPR, ISO27001/ISO27701 for security and regulatory compliance.

AI-assisted pre-recognition

With the help of AI-assisted pre-recognition function, human-computer interaction semi-automatic annotation is realized.

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