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One-stop Data Service

Training Dataset
Tailored Data
Annotation Platform

Industry Solutions


Datatang collects and curates a range of data, including multilingual dialect wake-up and command words, driving and parking data, and more. We also offer expert voice and 3D point cloud annotation services to help boost AI performance for our clients.

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Conversational AI

Datatang provides 200K hours of speech data to improve speech recognition models, with diverse acquisition and annotation options. All data is compliant with security regulations and obtained with consent.

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Smart Home

Datatang's smart home AI collects various data categories and offers annotation, speech transcription, and other functions, enabling clients to scale their AI models easily through flexible interaction.

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Intelligent Entertainment

Datatang collects diverse human face and body data, gestures, and speech styles to support AI improvement. Our annotations include speech, attributes, noise, tonal, and phoneme labeling for comprehensive needs coverage.

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New Retail

Datatang for New Retail collects human face & body, product images, tracks behavior, & labels data tasks for a smarter online shopping experience.

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Intelligent Healthcare

Datatang collects and annotates medical images, including CT, MRI, X-ray, and ultrasound, to help improve AI models for medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Data of Higher Quality

Intelligent self-Inspection

Datatang use probe tool guarantees automatic QA for high-quality training data with no latency

Multiple QA Checks

Datatang assures data quality with 3 manual QA rounds: self-inspection, project manager inspection, & independent QA team assurance

ISO9001 QM Certification

Data quality is priority at Datatang. Our ISO9001-certifies our quality management system to a continued commitment to excellence

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Why Datatang

  • High Quality

    Intelligent and mature QA inspections, combining human-in-the-loop technology to guarantee data quality. Datatang has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification.

  • High Efficiency

    With the help of algorithm-assisted pre-recognition functions and human-machine interaction achieves semi-automatic labeling.

  • High Compliance

    Datatang’s data solutions are all GDPR compliant and properly authorized, including our off-the-shelf and tailored solutions.

  • High Secure

    Datatang ensures comprehensive security compliance management with clear product data ownership, customized services & ISO 27001 Certification.

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Sharpen Your AI with Better Data - AI Data Collection and annotation