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Types of Identity Recognition Data

Datatang provides various types of identity data collection and labeling services, such as human face, 2D/3D face anti-spoofing, infrared face, gait, voiceprint, etc.

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Identity Recognition Data Annotation Capability

Our platform supports various type identity data labeling and has built-in human-computer interaction semi-automatic labeling and quality inspection functions, increasing labeling efficency by over 30% per annotator.

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Identity Recognition Data Annotation Capability
Quality and Security Management of Identity Verification Data
  • Efficiency

    Support human-machine interaction labeling, save time and costs

  • Quality Inspection

    Multi-level quality inspections

  • ISO9001 Certification

    Pursue High Quality with
    ISO9001 Certification Process

  • Compliance

    All the data are consent
    with proper authorization

  • Secure Implementation

    NDA Guaranteed,Data
    destroyed upon delivery

  • Security

    Certified in ISO27701 and 27001
    for privacy and security

Datatang also provides off-the-shelf datasets for rapid AI model optimization.
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