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Why choose Datatang?

Datatang offers off-the-shelf datasets for face recognition, live detection, Re-ID, and human behavior and gesture recognition.
Datatang follows ISO and strict privacy and security regulations, including Personal Information Protection and GDPR.

Tailored Data Service for New Retail

Datatang collects object image and liveness data through simulated real-world scenarios for new retail. We have extensive experience in face recognition, object detection, and tracking to improve customer experience.

Face Recognition

Support 2D & 3D face liveness detection data collection with a range of devices, and provide bounding box.

Human Behavior Recognition

Support human behavior collection with a range of devices in multi-scene and multi-angle setting.

Store Traffic Detection

Support the collection of human flow data in a wide range of monitoring scenarios.

Search Relevance

Image retrieval is more accurate by annotating the target objects in the images with bounding boxes.

AI Garment Transfer

Support the collection of clothing, accessories and other appendages of human, and provide classification.

Warehouse Logistics

Supports data collection of warehouse and logistics environment, and provide classification.

Supports comprehensive annotation needs for speech, image, video, point cloud, and text data.

Success Stories

The client needs to improve the accuracy of the payment platform of the face recognition system. The client has very high requirements for face data types and ambient lighting. Datatang collected 2D/3D face data and liveness detection data under different lighting, angles, occlusion, and other condition, and performs different amounts of keypoint annotation.

Facial Recognition Payment

The client wants to further enhance the automatic identification of the merchandise in the unmanned containers. By installing cameras in the unmanned vending machine, Datatang simulated a real unmanned container and collected 300,000 images. Due to the high difficulty of manual judgement on a wide range of goods, the labeling efficiency and accuracy.

Automatic identification of unmanned vending machine

The client needed to improve the recognition and aesthetics of an intelligent clothing matching system as soon as possible. The client has very high expectations for apparel segmentation precision and needs to segment, annotate, and add attributes to a large amount of figure and apparel data. Datatang's self-developed refined keying template.

Intelligent clothing matching system

The client needed an OCR model to identify key information on product images. The difficulty of the project was that there were 5 languages on the images and there were blurred, large, obscured areas, skewed text etc. The annotation accuracy rate was 95%. The rectangular box was placed close to the text edges and the text areas were labelled at line level. 15,000 OCR.

E-commerce ImageOCR Recon

Our Competitive Advantage

One-stop Data Service

Datatang.ai provides comprehensive data annotation and collection services to help you succeed with your AI projects.

Data QA System

Datatang delivers high-quality data with intelligent self-inspection, multiple quality checks, and ISO9001 certification.

Rich Annotation tools

30 proven annotation tools for full coverage of voice, image video, 3D point cloud and text data annotation requirements.

Compliance & Security

We follows Personal Information Protection Act, GDPR, ISO27001/ISO27701 for security and regulatory compliance.

AI-assisted pre-recognition

With the help of AI-assisted pre-recognition function, human-computer interaction semi-automatic annotation is realized.

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