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Why choose Datatang?

Datatang aids medical digitization, intelligence, diagnosis, treatment, and image annotation for better patient care.
Medical professionals from various institutions support Datatang's long-term and large-scale medical annotation projects.

Tailored Data Services for Intelligent Healthcare

Datatang's Medical Annotation Platform annotates medical imaging in DICOM and 2D formats, including target segmentation, bone age annotation, and MPR.

Medical Object Classification

Based on the overall situation presented by medical images and text data, annotation.

Medical Object Detection

Based on the overall situation presented in the medical images, labeling of disease levels.

Medical Image Segmentation

Pixel-level segmentation of focal areas annotated according to the overall picture.

Medical Texts Entity Annotation

Label medical records with disease names, drug names, medical histories, and other information.

Medical OCR Annotation

Marking rectangular boxes and transcribing text areas on images of medical records.

Supports comprehensive annotation needs for speech, image, video, point cloud, and text data.

Success Stories


The client needs to promote its data recognition technology for brain CT scan results data. The annotator needs to have a medical learning background to determine whether the highlighted area in the image is a bleeding point and annotate it. During the labeling, we need to ensure that the edge accuracy is no more than 3-5 pixels, also.

Cerebral Hemorrhage Picture Annotation

Facing the increasing number of medical bills, the customer wants to realize intelligent information recognition and extraction. The main difficulty of the project is that each bill needs to be labeled with about 40 labels on average. Datatang’s annotation platform allows project managers to configure the labels, on which annotators can only select the labels, so that can avoid mislabeling.

OCR for Medical Invoice


Our Competitive Advantage

One-stop Data Service

Datatang.ai provides comprehensive data annotation and collection services to help you succeed with your AI projects.

Data QA System

Datatang delivers high-quality data with intelligent self-inspection, multiple quality checks, and ISO9001 certification.

Rich Annotation tools

30 proven annotation tools for full coverage of voice, image video, 3D point cloud and text data annotation requirements.

Compliance & Security

We follows Personal Information Protection Act, GDPR, ISO27001/ISO27701 for security and regulatory compliance.

AI-assisted pre-recognition

With the help of AI-assisted pre-recognition function, human-computer interaction semi-automatic annotation is realized.

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