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895 Fire Videos Data_895 Fire Videos Data

895 Fire Videos Data

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895 Fire Videos Data,the total duration of videos is 27 hours 6 minutes 48.58 seconds. The dataset adpoted different cameras to shoot fire videos. The shooting time includes day and night.The dataset can be used for tasks such as fire detection.

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Data size
895 videos, the total duration is 27 hours 6 minutes 48.58 seconds
Collecting environment
including indoor and outdoor scenes
Data diversity
multiple scenes, different time periods
cameras(Samsung, Hikivison and Axis)
Collecting angles
looking down angle
Data format
the video data format is .avi
Collecting content
collecting fire videos in different scenes
the accuracy of labels of collecting time, collecting scene, occlusion, collection distance, collecting device is not less than 97%

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895 Fire Videos Data






895 Fire Videos Data