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Data Annotation Services

Fully managed data labeling service, speed up your data development
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Datatang provides the highest fully managed workforce throughout the entire data pipeline. Our skilled data analysts apply best practices developed from annotating millions of images and videos to deliver best-in-class data labeling for autonomous vehicle companies across the world.
Featured Annotation Services

Traffic Sign Labeling

Our AI-Assisted Data Annotation platform can easily finish such tasks with around over 98% accuracy

Panoptic Segmentation

Panoptic segmentation is an image segmentation task that combines the prediction from both instance and semantic segmentation into a general unified output

3D Point Cloud Object Labeling

Our tool providers empower our users to annotate objects with 9 degrees of freedom in three dimensions in both 3D scenes and projected side views (top, side, and back)

3D Point Cloud Object Tracking

When our user draws a cuboid around an object, that cuboid will be given a unique ID. Our annotation platform will automatically search for similar objects in other frames

3D Point Cloud Segmentation

3D point cloud segmentation is the process of classifying point clouds into multiple homogeneous regions, the points in the same region will have the same properties. The segmentation is challenging because of high redundancy, uneven sampling density, and lack explicit structure of point cloud data
Data Annotation Advantage
We developed our data annotation platform, which featured AI-assisted automatic object sizing, grounding, colouring, pre-labelling, improved object tracking, etc., which can significantly increase annotation efficacy by 30%

Automatic Object Sizing

Using pre-defined parameters, quickly generate missing object coordinates.

Automatic Grounding

Fast alignment of detected 3D object with identified ground, increasing annotation efficiency.

Automatic Coloring

Automatically generate the ground 3D coordinates through improved planarian algorithm to reduce the miss-labeling ratio, object are colored by distance to the ground

Interpolation Algorithm Intergrated

Automatic Detect Object in a Sequence, annotator only needs to label a few frames, increased productivity

Automatic Object Rotatation

L-shape-filting algorithm implemented to auto rotate object and approximate object size

Advanced Objects Tracking

We created our own object detection algorithm called "Static object tracking," which significantly reduces error and miss matches for Object ID.

Muti-Views annotation Synchronization

All annotation operations in different views are synchronized, and all operations are rendered in read time.

3 Mega Data Processing Center







How We Work
ISO Certified Product Security and
Quality Management

Data Annotation Project initialize

Trail Run for Data Annotation







Feature specification

Annotated Data

Final Deliverable Data

AI-Assisted Inspection

Annotator self-inspection

Project cross-inspection

Project manager 3rd inspection

Quality Control Dept final

Self Developed Data Management Platform

We sponsored openmpd in 2021 and help them win WIDC over 27 competing teams
All we provided data was collected by our mobile data collection solution

Data Collection Services

Professional data collection team, profound data collection experience and quality proven by world’s leading AI companies.development
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Datatang is a leading data collection and annotation services company providing high-quality data collection across the world; established in 2011, we have done hundreds of data collection tasks in the automotive domain.
Featured Data Collection Services

Audio Collection

Datatang has established cooperation with over 1000 enterprises around the world. Covering over 50 countries, we have the ability to provide sufficient audio data support

Driver Behavior Data

Drive behaviour can be collected from in-car Camera and sensors and used for AI training such as Driver Monitoring System

Parking lot Data Collection

Parking lot data can be collected from multiple angles, time, weather, and other weather conditions


Lidar (Light Detection & Ranging) data is an essential sensor for geospatial technology, autonomous technology, and many other industry applications. Lidar utilizes lasers

Street View Data

Datatang holds State Issued Surveying and mapping qualification and cooperated with over 50 countries' cooperation offices. We can easily handle legal problems in many regions

Data Collection Services

Ready to use dataset can be delivered within 3 days Accelerate your AI development
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Datatang has accumulated over 200,000 hours of labelled cross-lingual speech audio datasets. Around 800TB of computer vision datasets were created for various sub-domains. Up to two billion pairs of labelled text chunks for natural language processing
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Over Decade AI data
industry experience

Since 2011, Ours work have been proven to be trustworthy by international AI companies. like intel, Amazon, IBM etc.

ISO Certified Data Quality and Security

We have obtained ISO 27701 and ISO 27001 information security management system certification. In Datatang, we are committed to ensuring the security of your data.

Capable to be your one-stop
AI traning data provider

Our services covers all aspect of your ML or DL project needs, for the past years, we have served thounds clients in automotive domins, you can fully trust in our servicesl.

Advanced self-developed LiDAR, PLSS,
annotation capable and AI-assisted data
management platform

Our cutting edge data management platform can do almost all kinds of data annotation tasks and ensure the project delivery success in a timely manner

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