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Database Composition

  • AI data base_ Datatang_Beijing TTS Recording Center
    Beijing TTS Recording Center

    Beijing TTS recording center consists of one master control room and 2 professional recording rooms, each equipped with independent control system. Our recording center has passed the quality check of Tsinghua University Building Environment, and comply with professional NR15 acoustic standard. The reverberation time is less than 0.1s, and the background noise is lower than 30dB(A). It can support professional voice cast, normal people TTS data and the pre-end model production.

  • AI data base_ Datatang_Anhui Data Base
    Anhui Data Base

    Hefei Data Base is located in the Big Data Town of Shushan Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 1500 square meters, and can accommodate 500 professional annotators to work simultaneously. Hefei Data Base has continuously cultivated and hatched artificial intelligence industrial chain enterprises since its establishment. It is able to provide multiple services such as image data annotation, speech data annotation, foreign image and speech collection & annotation service.

  • AI data base_ Datatang_Baoding Data Base
    Baoding Data Base

    Baoding Data Base covers an area of 1200 square meters and has 200 full-time annotators, 60% of whom are senior annotators with more than 3 years of annotation experience. It has the ability to perform speech recognition, human face recognition, ORC recognition, smart driving, etc.

Core Advantage

  • AI data base_ Datatang_Rich data processing experience
    Rich data processing experience

    All of our staff have more than 5 years of work experience thus they are familiar with different kinds of data requirements and able to deeply understand clients’ application scenario.

  • AI data base_ Datatang_Professional data annotation team
    Professional data annotation team

    Our annotators have more than 3 years of experience in data annotation, who are skilled in 3D point cloud annotation, segmentation annotation and TTS annotation. For new annotators, we provide a 90-days complete training system.

  • AI data base_ Datatang_Data security
    Data security

    The data base is equipped with double entrance guard, 24 hours of network monitoring, and double network backups to ensure data security.

  • AI data base_ Datatang_Real-time & dynamic QA
    Real-time & dynamic QA

    Professional QA team. More than 7 years of experience in project management and quality control. The data accuracy rate can reach to 96%-99% after rounds of QA. We make timely and dynamic quality control in the whole process of annotation to ensure to deliver data on time.

Our Competence

  • AI data base_ Datatang_Image

    Human: living body, key points (human face, human body and gesture)、attributes

    Scenario: 3D point cloud, LiDar data annotation

    OCR: Q&A, games, multiple languages


  • AI data base_ Datatang_Our Competence
  • AI data base_ Datatang_Speech

    Mandarin: natural dialogue, reading, interactive

    Dialect: natural dialogue, reading

    Foreign language: natural conversation, reading


  • AI data base_ Datatang_Text

    NLP:multiple interactive annotation, entity annotation, text pronunciation annotation (polyphone, character, number)

    TTS:fine annotation, coarse annotation (Pinyin, mixed Chinese and English), rhythm annotation (audio rhythm, text rhythm)

Service Support

01Smart Technologies
Pre-recognition technology: the annotation workload is reduced by 10%-30%
Data pre-recognition: the annotation and selection work is reduced by 50%-60%
Data desensitization: data delivery work is reduced by 80%-90%
Data quality assessment: support more than 10 kinds of pre sales
Client tool: annotation efficiency for complicated and continuous work is increased by 30%
AI data base_ Datatang_Smart Technologies
AI data base_ Datatang_QA Service
02QA Service
Professional QA service. We can also provide on-site work in order to reduce the communication process.
We have a huge technology research and development team to provide a quick customization service.
The technical consultants provide full support in interpreting client’s requirements.
Fixed resources in data base
Fixed annotators to act professionally and timely;
Equipped with on-site administrator with flexible resource allocation.
AI data base_ Datatang_Staff

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