Sale Partner Program

We are looking for business partners to extend our sales network on an international scale.

By joining our sales partnership program, you will get access to the training, support, and resources to set your clients up to succeed and help your company grow and stand out in the industry.

Datatang thrives on building strong partnerships that will bring value to the clients and believes success will come from clear commitment and engagement on both sides, supported by executive sponsorship and transparent governance.

Minmum Requirment

Proven Client Network with minmum annual revenue of 20,000 USD,
Established and well positioned,selling and demostrating and successfully implemnt Datatang product or services

Major Benefit
Become a listed partner and get discovered by potential clients
  • 1. Advertisement and Promotion
  • 2. Offical Website listing
  • 3. PR materials
  • 4. Partner Events
  • 5. Executive Marketing Materials
Expand Your Capabilty
Leverage our decades of annotation experiences, 3 major self-owned data processing centers, and 50+ oversea co-partners, a self-developed data management platform. You will never fail your client's expectations
  • 1. Access our data collection equipment and facilities
  • 2. Access the internal task management platform and get an accurate evaluation
  • 3. Access to our Internal marketing report
Our Business
Data Collection
Grab and go, Licensed Dataset,
Exceeding ordinary Data Quality
Data Annotation
Full-fill distinct data demand
professional data management pipeline
Off-the-Shelf Dataset
3 mega data processing centers,
AI assisted data Plaform, cost efficient

Founded in 2011 by a group of data scientists and engineers, Datatang (Beijing) Technology Co. (NEEQ:831428)
As the world's leading artificial intelligence data service provider, Datatang is committed to providing a solid infrastructure for the rapid development of the artificial intelligence industry through high-quality data services.

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